“These are some must-haves in security services that will ensure the client’s interests are
well looked after and without any ‘hiccups’ in the clients’ business.”


Full support from Management Team at all times with effective hierarchy of operational staff to provide support to both the front-line staff as well as to co-ordinate with the clients effectively.

Well Trained Officers

Other than the normal security officers’ training, they are trained in Customer Service as well as in Fire Safety and Crisis Management. Customised training is also provided depending on clients’ need.

Proper Documentations

We provide a full set of documentation according to the different assignment and the type of client’s business. We presently use the software system to digitalise our reports and records.

Timely Reports

Incident Reports and After-Action Reviews (AAR) will be submitted within 24hrs of any incident. Any recommendations will also be implemented immediately with all officers acknowledging them.

Proper Follow-ups

There will be proper follow-ups to feedbacks and complaints with monthly meetings, and daily social media group chat. Using this chat, we can convey information as quick as possible.

Trained Relief Officers

There is more than enough officers trained at the client’s site to ensure smooth replacement coverage during festive and special occasions. All of our relief officers are trained to handle a variety of duties.

12 Types of Services
Want to work with us? Here are some services we provide for our clients!

Security Audit

Providing feedbacks to make sure that your security measures are up-to-date and secure.

Concierge Service

Provide concierge service and more on top of the normal security officer service.

Crowd Control

Keep the crowds in check during a large event, while making sure no accident occur.

Security Officers

Security officers protect premises from crimes and keep unauthorised personnel out, creating a safe and secure environment.

Video Analytic

Help to review your growing amount of surveillance video fast and effectively. This is one of our key resource for outcome-based solutions.

Remote Monitoring

This help enhance security coverage and operations, so that we  can take prompt action when needed.

Why Choose Security Masters?

…Steadfast in providing a reliable service…

Dovechem Industries Pte Ltd, 2021

Efficient and reliable services provided to us for the past 5 years.

Pan Asia Logistics Singapore, 2016

..Excellent and reliable security services..

Singtel (SRN North Ave) 2012-2014

Reliable and excellent security services for the past 14 years..

City Pacific Resources Pte Ltd, 2014

Professionalism and commitment.

MSCT Title Plan No 2197 (Suntec City)

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