About Us

Company Profile

Security Masters was incorporated on 3rd March 2000. We have been serving this industry for about 21 years so far. We are affliated with SecureGuard and TCC .

During these years, we have served many clients with differing needs and requirement. Thus, we have a deep understanding in regards to manpower situation and operational strategy. We are also members in several organisations. The organisations are: Union of Security Company (USE)Associate of Certified Security Agency (ACSA), Security Association of Singapore (SAS)  and Asia Pacfic Seurity Association (APSA).

When our clients engage our services, we will be glad to offer advices and help improve our clients’ infrastructure. At Security Masters, we always try our best to meet the requirements our clients have set for us. Whether you are a new customer, or an existing customer, we will always be happy to have the opportunity to work with you. If you wish to find out more information about our company, feel free to flip through the e-Brochure provided below.


Keep your premise secure.

Our services focuses not only on physical security but include total security solutions.

We ensure that our client’s physically security meet the requirements of both the read team and blue team. The red team stand for testing your preparedness and response through exercises such as survey and audit. On the other hand, the blue team stand for reinforcing and building resilience. Some of our services like video analytic and customised training cover the blue team.

By making sure that our client’s security met requirements of both team, we can be sure that that our client’s physical security is secured to the best of our capability, as we had covered all possible methods to increase the premise security.


Keep your premise safe effectively.

When we enter the premise to improve on the physical security of the location, we will always apply the WSH measures.

In WSH, we will first start out with physically removing the hazard, and slowly work our way down. By doing so, we can ensure that our client’s workplace is safe and secure.

Fire Safety Inspections and checks are conducted daily, thus when an unexpected emergency break out, such as a fire outbreak, we believe that our services would have help facilitate response plan as there should be less obstructs and hazards along the escape plan while evacuating.

Our Vision  

To be Singapore’s Preferred Security Company.

Our Promise  

We at Security Masters do solemnly swear that we will do our best to uphold the Peace and Security of our client to ensure a Conducive and Safe environment to carry out their business without any “Interruptions”

Key Initiatives
  • Procurement of suitable security related IT systems with Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature and Video Analytic (VA) Software
  • Improve and introduce the HR, Logistics and Admin software system using iREP System.
  • Improve marketing, enhance branding and introduce recruitment program.
Our Mission  
  • Enable business to operate smoothly without any disruptions.
  • Develop upon Best Security Practices in pursuit of Excellence in Security Management.
  • Manages the Security Issues of our clients with a level of service that adds value to the client’s organisation.
  • Provide strong and effective support to our front-line staff to maintain a high standard of security service.
  • Exceed customers’ expectations to establish long-term relationships based on trust and confidence.
Strategic Goals
  • Best Security Practices
  • Outcome Based System
  • Highly Trained Officers

Management Profile

Sundramogan R (Morgan)


Served as a Naval Officer in the Republic of Singapore Navy for 8 years, before working for a prominent Security Company for 11 years. Mr Sundramogan R not only earned a CPP, Dip in Management Studies, but also topped the Hotel Security Management Exam Conducted by SHATEC. He is also a qualified Fire Safety Manager.

Abdul Aziz Abdul Hamid

General Manager

He has close to 36 years of experience in security, fire safety, crime prevention, emergency response, business continuity management, crisis management, WSH and 9 years in carpark operations. Abdul Aziz was the recipient for the Most Outstanding Security Practitioner Award in 2004 by the Asian Professional Security Association (Singapore) and a certified International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS), graded member of CiiSCM (now named ASIRS) and a qualified Senior Fire Safety Manager.

Darmendran Muruyah (Darvin)

Head Security Operations

Has been working in the security industry for 12 years overseeing all aspects of security initiatives. He has successfully work with various managers of our clients for a better security operation.

Presently, he is pursuing and improving his skills in the emergent use of security-related technologies and systems including developing and implementing emergency preparedness procedures as well as training personnel to ensure optimal readiness in the event of any emergency.