To help our employees stay at the top of their game. These are some examples of what our firm do to ensure that we stay at the top of this industry.

Daily Shift Briefing

By attending the daily briefing, our employers and employees can better understand the expectations and responsibilities they have to uphold during their shift.


Our admin team provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report to keep the stakeholders and management informed and up-to-date about the progress toward our goal, and recent work done.

Table Top Exercises

During the exercise, our employee go through diffrent possible scenario that can occur. This improve their responses towards emergencies. This exercise is conducted twice per year.

Fire Drills

Fire Evacuation Drills let our employees better understand the different roles and responsibility in CERT, and the role they are supposed to fulfill during such an emergency.

Special Reports

If something was to happen, our employees know how to write a special incidence report that fully detailed the incidence. 

Emergency Procedures

When an emergency occurred, our trained employees will know how to effectively respond to the situation.


With the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), our employees will be able to comply to industry standard while doing their duties.


Our employees are required to constantly upskill themselves and stay updated, through the E-Learning training via the iREP System.

IREP Security System

We digitalise and streamline our work processes through the IREP system, so it is easier for our employees to take attendence, leaves and such.

Record Books

We keep records of all our past reports, so that we can review them and identify gaps for improvements. We can also provide them to our stakeholders if requested.

Special Events

For special events such as Fire Evacuation Exercise and VIP visit, the employees will be provided with all the items necessary to carry out the tasks as required.


Officers new to the site are required to go through orientation and training. They will only be deployed upon a successful interview with the employers.

Our Work

Learn more about Security Masters by reading the E-Brochure provided.

Some of the topics covered in the brochures include

  • Security Officers Services
  • Temporary Security Officers Services
  • Resources
  • Fire Evacuation Exercise
  • Gate Pass Procedures
  • Value Added Services
  • Organization Structure
  • Management Profile

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